For me love is…

19 Aug
For me love is…
The crystal colours of butterfly,
Stars of the striking dark sky,
Winter rose dipped in the dew,
A moon out of the blue,
For me love is…
The moonlight in the room,
A lily in the bloom,
Gentle rain from the heaven,
My rolling tears for the one.
For me love is…
Like a beautiful vision,
An undying illusion,
Like calling the moon at day,
Brightening the night with ray,
For me love is…
A long walk together,
Our hands fit in to each others,
With a touch so true,
Smell of your breath so new.
For me love is…
Burning all wordily desires,
Gazing into each other’s eyes,
Dancing with u in the moon light,
Enclosed in your arms all night.
For me love is…
Each petal like words from you,
Formulating every thought into new,
Resting my head on your chest,
For the last heavens rest.
For me love is…
The very last desire,
To live in your eyes,
To die in your heart,
To start a day new,
For me love is just ‘you’.
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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Poems


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