19 Aug
You are in my heart,
You are in my eyes,
You put yourself on heat,
And made me rise.
You are on my lips,
You are in my words,
You are my idyllic,
The only one i enamoured,
The moment in time all alone,
I can sense you around me,
You are the only one,
Who sets my sorrow free.
You are in my work,
You are in my dedication,
Whenever I think of you,
It brings me great satisfaction.
You introduced me to letters,
To make my life a complete sentence,
To this banal life,
You brought a beautiful sense.
But my feelings were never the same,
As for you i feel now,
I still remember the time,
When i made these eyes to flow.
I knew the volume of tears,
In your eyes my words could bring,
But just to console my heart,
I blamed you for everything.
I showed you my back,
Knowing you forlorn,
When you needed me the most,
I left you all alone.
I perforated your heart,
The most preposterous act i could show,
Knowing you in pain,
I let the red fluid flow.
I regret for those moments,
When I left you cry,
But ‘MOM’ you are the only one,
For whom I can ‘DIE’.
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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Poems


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