Take me to the air

19 Aug
Can see taint on my shining wings
Scars on corpse of my sins
Polluting the simplicity of my soul
I have tanned my purity through coal
Beauty of my heart is dying
In this blaze, my soul is crying
I wanna cry, cry and cry…
Till my very last tear don’t get dry
Life isn’t acting in kindness with me
The shifting of colors I can see
Darkness all over in my open sky
Gives the impressions of light being so high
I am on my last breath out here
Killing myself through this poisoned air
This shift has generated a fear in me
The vein of my body is turning blue
Each second I wanna get to the air
But at the moment life isn’t so fair
So to shield myself from this rage
I wanna lock myself in some cage
I don’t wanna hear any sound
And wanna run from the people around
I did, what i shouldn’t have done
So just can wait for the mounting of the sun
Don’t wanna see the questions in eyes
With fallen lashes my heart cries
Still I wonder how I could do
But i can’t run from what is true
I don’t wanna tell what i did
But with this feel i wanna get rid
Suffocating my soul in
I am disappearing coz of my sin
Doesn’t wanna smell the pain of grieve
But have to smell the same each time i breathe
Just to forget the temporary pain
I soaked my body in sinful rain
I am loosing myself in this time
Repeatedly committing the same crime
Losing the purity of my name
For the sake of this bloody fame
Wishing for no gravity to hold me down
I wanna be in motion from this ruined ground
Wanna make my life a bit stable
But donno where to travel from the middle.
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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Poems


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