Make it now

14 Sep

Loving someone is as straightforward as tweaking up with a number of melodies. But putting across that love could be as hard-hitting as climbing the Mount Everest.

Every day we go down in love with people in the region of us for their good-looking eyes, their perfect smile, their wonderful gestures, for their honey dipped nature and ceaseless string of reasons. But once in a blue moon we serve these compliments to those people. For the most part it comes about to us when the person is our next of kin. We experience our lips ice over, a sense of timidity in us. But just one time give it an attention. Did we ever convey our gratitude to our parents for providing every particular object in our living we wanted? We do it time and again with our friends but not a lot with our own flesh and blood, why?

          Do we ever express appreciation to our siblings for crafting our infancy more joyful and engraved on our mind with beautiful memories just because of their presence? Again no and if we do it, then we do it on the odd occasions, why? Is it so very stiff to express to your blood ones? Perhaps yes, I go all the way through the same. Expressing good quality seems to be a ceremonial gesture. And we don’t like to conduct ourselves formal to our parents and siblings. We accept as true that if we do, it will be more like amusing ourselves.

But do we ever provide a thought about what they go through when we serve bitter to them. If expressing is official, then why now and again we behave formal with our relations and dwell bad words to them. Why at that point we don’t undergo that we making fun of ourselves. Why can’t we feel the pain of falling tears from their hearts, when we hurt them? We do it over and over again with our family but very rarely with our friends. Why?

I can’t make out the perfect answer to it.

But I am familiar with one thing and that is, once in your life time do express to your family what your heart feels for them. What in genuine your life became just for the reason that they are in your life. How much in actual your heart is thankful to them. May be at that particular point of moment in time they wouldn’t act in response the way you want them to be or you believe for them that they should. But naturally sooner or later their mind will reflect that expression which you made in fades of time to them and certainly that day your turn of phrases will make them sense privileged with tears because of your being there in their life. So do it now and do it before you are done. Because may be the time you realise your life would be done.

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